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I design new living spaces and renovate historic ones with a focus on the handmade and irregular.

Flatrock House, completed 2021

Flatrock House is a 500sf guest house in Nashville, TN with sleeping loft and 18 foot ceilings. A large arched window frames the 80 year old Virginia pine in the yard-- that tree is the inspiration point for the design. Every element of this house was designed by hand using no design software but paper and pencil. Every aspect of the house is custom made from the cabinets to the stair railing. 


To keep costs down, I used marine grade plywood for all of the cabinets and furniture. I splurged on a great Bosch dishwasher, a huge soaking tub, and quartz countertops.



The 1937 House, in progress

The 1937 house is a 900 sf bungalow in Nashville, TN built in 1937. Over the years, much of the character of the house was buried under multiple layers of factory-made trim and synthetic flooring and wall coverings. This one-year project will strip the home of unnecessary decor and restore the beauty of the original plaster walls. Door frames will be taken up to the ceiling, and several closets converted into open shelving made from local poplar and sweetgum trees.

Delacroix Island, under construction

The Delacroix Island project is a 500sf hurricane resistant cabin build above the water of the Delacroix region just outside New Orleans, Louisiana. I've been asked to design a space to be useful for fishing and cooking, but also to be beautiful and comfortable. The biggest challenge is the round shape of the house, which means that the interior will have to be totally custom in order to work. Highlights will include a soaking tub and compact kitchen.

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