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Light Installation for Coupler 

Third Man Records Blue Room


I created this light installation for a live performance by Chicago-based band, Coupler for their performance at Third Man Record's Blue Room in Chicago. The design is based on a handmade paper cut.

Listen to The Blue Room Sessions HERE


Garbage: A Light and Sound Installation 

Circuit Benders Ball


Programmer and artist Josh Gumiela created interactive software that responds to light and creates sound. Musician Lucas McAllister and I worked on the project and performed it with Josh at the Circuit Benders Ball in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 2.56.42 PM.png

Installation: Paper Invasives

Belcourt Theatre, Watkins College


This is a growing installation of handmade papercut botanicals. The installation changes and grows during the exhibit and is never installed the same way twice.

Kelli Hix papercuts-6.jpg

Installation: Paper + Light + Sound

Gallery 444


This is a handcut paper and light installation. I collaborated with Josh Gumiela who created interactive sound element.


Thanks Tim Davis for brewing a really really good beer just for our opening.

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