I make short films, often on super-8. Here are some of them.

Aether Talk

music: Sugar Sk*_*lls

2011, super-8

This is the first of a series of super-8 films I made for the Nashville-based experimental band Sugar Sk*_*lls.


Founder Ben Marcantel makes organic, synthy 8-bit sounds that are danceable and full of longing.


I shot most of this footage during a trip to the UK in the late 1990s.


Too Careful With Your Flowers

2011, super-8

music: Kelli Shay Hix

I made this film for my own song, Too Careful With Your Flowers.


I spent a lot of time in these curated gardens at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York, where I worked underground in the film archive. Every morning before I went down into the archive it was a pleasure to see the plants being watered and the magnificent gardens being tended to by master gardeners.


Thanks, Emma, for the cartwheels.


c. de gualle ril’d up

Music: Sugar Sk*_*lls

2011, super-8

In this collab with Ben Marcantel of Sugar Sk*_*lls, I mixed footage from the northern California coast, Vancouver Island, and lights from my beloved old neighborhood in Chicago, where a fair was held every spring on the boulevard outside my home.

Home Movie Day, New Orleans

2006, super-8, silent

This is a document of the Home Movie Day we held post Katrina.  Among other wonderful people, it features Helen Hill, the New Orleans-based filmmaker who tragically passed away shortly after our visit. It is housed at Harvard Film Archive as part of the Helen Hill Collection.


Thanks so much to Brian Graney, Dwight Swanson, Lauren Sorenson for orchestrating this trip.  Endless love to Helen and her family and community.

O Ye Tears

2012, super-8

music:  LYLAS

Nashville-based band LYLAS wrote a song about a friend who is gone. Here's the film I made for them to go along with it.

Fix Me Dixie

2010, super-8

music: LYLAS

I have been lucky to work on many, many creative projects with Nashville-based band LYLAS and its founder Kyle Hamlet. Kyle is a former linebacker but uses those skills now at the glass recycling center, as you can see here.

Do You Believe in Blood?

2010, super-8

music: LYLAS

One more for LYLAS. I shot most of this in Rochester, New York, where I lived and worked for 4 years. In order to have access to the crinolin in this film, I volunteered to dress as a can-can girl for a fundraiser. 


film for Dave X.


A film to accompany Dave's live performance.