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Honky Tonk Angels is a group of non male identifying folx interested in matters of country music. We meet in Nashville, Tennessee. Keep up with us HERE.

Mark Toscano is a film preservationist specializing in experimental film and animation. He runs screenings in LA. He has interesting things to say about film. Keep up with him HERE.

Jessye McDowell is a digital artist and animator. You can see her work HERE.

The Far Out Film Fest is an experimental film fest in Nashville, Tennessee. Learn about it HERE.

James Kilgore was an amateur filmmaker based in Nashville who shot and edited films for nearly a century. Watch his work HERE.

The Community Archiving Workshop jumpstarts grassroots audiovisual preservation for underserved communities. Learn more HERE.

The Jazz Foundation of America supports and promotes the work and lives of musicians in the later stages of their careers. See shows and learn more HERE.

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